All posts for the month September, 2015

We spent the last couple of days at the Nevada County Fairgrounds testing various things for the Itch On (or I/O), including our internet connections. Looks like the fairgrounds has a better connection then what I can get from home. I have to say, it’s a green light for both the wireless hot spot and the wifi. We didn’t even need the wifi boost at the fairgrounds because their speeds were already so fast. Had video meetings for most of the day yesterday without even a small glitch. The only thing my co-workers noticed was the wind through the open windows interfering with the microphone on my headset.

Temperatures dipped below 50° so we even kicked on the furnace this morning for about an hour. Just to test that as well. So far, the only thing not working is the Blu-Ray player.

All that’s left is – packing up the I/O and hitting the road!