3 comments on “Spontaneity

  1. oh, how I love you, and oh, how I love reading what I luckily have also heard personally. So blessed to have you in my tribe.
    I love you two….and love that you are having this adventure.

  2. New Year Greetings Caleb and Sandy!!!This looks and sounds like an adventure of a lifetime! I love how you are embodying life as improvisation…because it is when one is truly open…and you two certainly are! Wonderful experiences, discoveries, photos and reflections. Thanks for the window into your world. Thank you also Caleb for the beautiful calligraphy of the Mark Nepo poem. It’s a very touching poem and so beautifully written. So applicable to you and Sandy…a dove waking to its song. All is well here. I too am committed to having daily life with all its responsibilities, habits and predictabilities be “free play” as many moments as possible. I love you two and am so happy for your joyful traveling. Love, Ginger

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