5 comments on “Home: For the Holidays

    • We had an amazing holiday, thank you. It looked like all of you did too in FL. I hope you’re keeping dry? We have been in cities down here in the South that are close to or on the Mississippi and the flood stages have been slowly rising. We will be in Natchez, MS on Sunday so I hope the river doesn’t rise too much more or it will be a Darwin moment for us. Take care.

  1. No matter how far away you are, know that we’re thinking about you. Physically you’re in some trailer park, but I feel a part of both of you with every beat of my heart. So you WERE here at Thanksgiving, you were flying to Tahiti at Christmas….and Valentines Day is coming up. Guess what, your smiling faces will be part of that day, too!!!

    Did I tell you today?

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