Isn’t that a song?

YES! We are on the road again! With the Spring mowing and weed whacking complete, garden planted and baby chicks settled in, we have left our home in the capable hands of Milada and Ron. We hit the road on June 17 with our first stop in Modesto to celebrate Bill’s birthday, Father’s Day and Molly’s birthday. A handful of Lamkins showed up and we made a trip out to Oakdale to have dinner with Bev and Wade. John Lamkin, Caleb and I made a trip to Smith’s Farm to pick up a flats of peaches, nectarines and apricots. The week ended with Molly burgers and a visit from Mike and Ron. The purpose of this short 2 and a half month trip is to finish the loop we missed out on last year.

Molly, Bill and Pippin

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