4 comments on “One Sweet Dream!

  1. Great song –– “oh that magic feeling, no where to go . . . ” = itchon!

    I ❤️ & miss talking about lyrics with you –– does that scat start with “yes it did now . . . wha ha ha ha ha”? Hadn’t realized “You Never Give Me Your Money” was a leaving song but you’re right, that must be why it’s so brilliant. p.s. startling & amazing bear-in-river shot!

  2. I had a thoroughbred ex-race horse named Kaweahray, his mom was Kaweah. Just thought I’d mention that. Miss you guys, miss knowing you were just down the road.

    • Miss you Jeanne, and everyone on Big Spring Dr! Thanks for following our adventures. We have not had the best internet here in Death Valley. Hoping it will be better in Zion, which is where we are headed next.

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